Essentials Every Serious Sports Fan Should Have

Sports fans are capable of anything. From something as innocuous as sharing a post to as unpredictable as storming a field, a serious sports fan doesn’t let anything get in the way of getting closer to the sport they love. As such, across all sports, there are essentials for any serious sports fanatic and if you don’t own these, can you even call yourself one? Time to start working on crossing off the items on this list!

A Subscriber

You need to be aware of streaming services- this is the Netflix for sports fanatics, enabling you to binge watch for hours on end. For cable or satellite subscribers, ESPN is a common and popular source amongst sports fans and one of the largest streamers of live sports across the world. If you aren’t a subscriber, then you’re really behind on your commitments.

An Autograph

Yet another one of the basics- every fan needs at least one proper autograph of their favourite athlete. And while you shouldn’t push the little kids waiting out of the way if you ever get the chance to get it in person, you should definitely try to get your hands on one.


This isn’t to say that you should attend games all the time- that would drain your wallet dry. But if you’re a true fan then you certainly have to purchase your AFL tickets online and go occasionally to show just how loyal you are to your favourite team! Nothing quite makes for a better bonding session with your kid than your topmost interest- live sports game, so try and get tickets for your whole family!

A Throwback Jersey

Throwback jerseys are quite a common sight and are yet another addition to the sports fan basic beginner pack. Wear them on occasion so you can showcase, with all your pride, both the excruciating losses and the unbelievable wins your team has gone through.

A Favourite Team

A true sport fan never changes teams whenever they want. Doing so is guaranteed to win you some well-deserved disrespect. A serious sports fan will pick one team and stick with them throughout their most gruelling days. This commitment will increase the stakes for you and have you more emotionally involved in the sport.

A Fantasy Team

With so many leagues involved, a fantasy team allows fans to get involved on a more intimate level. It allows interaction between fellow fans (be it stranger or friend), allowing them to handle their own squad of players without millions of actual dollars on the line. It’s a perfect way for fans to get to know their favourite players and teams more and familiarize themselves with sports strategies.

Framed Jersey

A signed and framed jersey is an iconic addition to the sports fan essentials. If preserved right, this can last years in mint condition. This is a definite must-have for any sports fan with a favourite athlete in mind.

These are the top essentials any sports fan should own. How many do you have? Get started now and complete the list!

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