Dental Hygiene Tips for Healthy Teeth

Do you always hesitate to smile at the camera? Or are you in fear to open your mouth and show your teeth because you think they do not look good enough? One main reason for bad teeth is bad oral health habits and a lack of dental hygiene practices. Here are some tips you can follow to get a perfect smile.


When it comes to brushing, it is not only the teeth you have to pay attention to. You will also have to pay close attention to your tongue, gum and the roof of the mouth. Use a “back and forth” and an “up and down” movement to clean these areas. It will help to get rid of bad smell, bacteria and help you to get clean white teeth. Change your toothbrush before it becomes too old and bristled. Also brush your teeth twice a day, preferably in the morning and night/ evening.


When you check your balanced diet before eating, make sure your diet includes something that helps your teeth as well. Make sure you eat a diet that has all the necessary nutrients which include calcium which is extremely good for the strengthening of the teeth. Also, there are some other food items that are beneficial for the teeth. These include nuts, fruits such as apples, cheese, chicken, and vegetable. Eating food that will help the growth and the strengthening of the teeth will help your teeth to fight against decay.

Regular Check-ups

Regular check-ups will help you to identify if there is any disease in your mouth. Try to allocate a little bit of time from your busy schedules and get these check-ups done as this will allow you to get a diagnosis of any disease related to your oral care. This is because there can be instances where the doctors fail to identify the disease immediately. Check-ups help them to identify diseases if there are any and prescribe you medicine or other treatments. Look for a mornington peninsula dentist and get an appointment if you have no dentist you visit regularly.

Sodas, Alcohol and Tobacco

If you want to maintain a good oral health then you need to give up a certain food, or at least reduce certain foods. This includes stuff such as tobacco, alcohol and soda. Especially tobacco is a reason for the start of oral cancer. Soda and alcohol both carry phosphorus which if consumed too much, can be bad for the teeth. Many have recommended using a straw when you drink soda or alcohol as it prevents the drink directly touching the teeth.


Sometimes brushing teeth only is not enough. While brushing helps you to clean the surface of the teeth, flossing can be used to clean places in between the teeth. Flossing helps you to get rid of food residue and other stuff that can get stuck in between the teeth. Try to floss and clean your mouth at least once a day. Flossing is an additional practice where you get the clean teeth and the most perfect smile.

If you practice these habits, you do not have to fear being in front of cameras and smiling again. Good health habits will not only make you look smarter, they will also make you feel good and wholesome.

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