A Few Things to Know About the Soccer Ball

Ever seen the stadium erupt when Ronaldo or Messi scores a goal? I don’t think I would be able to find a kid who hasn’t heard of either of these two footballers. That’s the kind of following Ronaldo and Mess i have built up for themselves. And just by kicking a ball about too! Is that what you think?

Get ready to change your viewpoint about that ‘cos soccer as it is simply known, is much more than that. Sometimes it can be considered as a religion when you see the fanbase it has got.
Compared to many other sports, to practice with the soccer you need only one thing. The soccer balls. Are you thinking of buying one? Then,focus on the following factors.

  1. What the soccer ball is made of
  2. The size of the ball
  3. The weight of the ball
  4. Match or just training
  5. Is it a standard ball?

What Is It Made Of?

Leather or plastic? These are the 2 main types of soccer balls there is. While leather is famed for its use, considering durability, the leather ball is not expected to last longer compared to plastic balls. Plastic balls however last longer and thereby could serve your household as a sport equipment for years or maybe, decades. Furthermore, a plastic ball would not get soggy when exposed to water for a long time but a leather ball would. The wear and tear of leather balls is high compared to the plastic ones.

The Size and Weight of The Ball

Depending on whether it’s used for practice or competition, the size of the ball matters. Generally lighter, small ones are used for training whereas heavier, bigger ones are used for competition. Roughly a soccer ball used for competition should weigh 420g, a size 5 and a circumference of 68-70 cm.

What Do You Need the Ball For?

There are only 2 basic purposes a soccer ball can serve. One is to help you train and the other is in a match. Generally, training balls have a smaller structure, a robust surface and are less pricey. Comparatively, balls used in matches have the opposite properties to the ones mentioned above. (I.E. – bigger Structure, comparatively weaker surface, more expensive)

Is It A Standard Ball?

Standard balls are a better choice for a professional soccer or otherwise, as they adhere to a set of guidelines, thereby being much easier to handle than a normal ball that hasn’t been standardised.


Depending on the material, texture the price of soccer balls vary. Depending on your need for the moment, you have to choose a ball that provides you the maximum service for the time being. For example, if it is a competition, buying a leather ball will have its benefits as it has greater flight properties compared to a plastic ball. Check out the latest soccer balls from reputed websites to buy soccer balls online.

An Air Pump

Unless you are buying a plastic ball, a leather ball requires an air pump to keep it under a constant air pressure to maintain its spherical shape. Buying an air pump will always be an essential requirement if you are planning to buy a proper leather ball. (Note – You won’t need one for a plastic ball!)


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